Blakkstain is a music artist and producer based out of Jackson ,MS. His early life consist of being introduced to music from his relatives were he then emerge a unique style of music. Blakkstain genre consists of Emotional Rock/trap.


Legends Suck as Lil Wayne , Eminem influenced the music artist. He Quoted “Hearing There Music enlighten him to a totally different world’’. BlakkStain is Also inspired by his fans and he encourages them that is ok to be misunderstood.


Tasz Grace Music Artist

About Tasz Grace

De’Larreyon Grace also called “Tasz Grace” (born July 6 1994, Brewton AL) is a recording artist climbing in the rap business. Beginning at 10 years of age Tasz Grace started rapping for the energy he got from the sound. Although, a local out of Brewton,AL Tasz moved all through his young years, dwelling out of Evergreen,AL Montgomery,AL and most previous Tuscaloosa, AL. Tasz Grace first delivery “hate me or hate me” hosted by DJ Frank White in 2015 including 11 tracks with hot track single “IDEM” produced and filmed by Karltin Bankz . Subsequent to getting lots of knowledge from…

Global , world wide music charts of the world , Billboard Hot 100 , Rolling Stone and Veva play.

Record charts has developed a history of tabulating the hottest songs around the globe. A few global records charts you may know of are billboard hot 100, Rolling Stone, Veva play, and Official charts. The record charts mentioned above are major in music. These charts also track the top 40 songs weekly. Some more important information you may want to know is the why behind these most trusted charts.

List of Music Charts

Billboards Hot 100

The billboard hot 100 has been documenting music since 1894. the magazine was also founded around this time.

Rolling Stone

Rolling stone has been around since 1967, Collecting music on legends such as…

Blazer Barboza Concert Size Events

Blazer Barboza has performed and sold out a few venues in the Atlanta area and Detroit area The Buck Head Theatre is one rapper like Lil Durk , Meek Mill , Future and more has attended concerts with Blazer Barboza.

Blazer Barboza plays mid-sized venues like The Fox Theatre Detroit with a seating capacity of 5,006 for shows where he is headlining. He plays larger venues like Xfinity Theatre in Springfield, MA with a seating capacity of 12,456 when he’s touring with artists like Meek Mill, Jay Z , Kevin Gates Roddy Ricch and more.

Veva Play is the music industry standard record chart. There are a few global songs to reach Veva play Chart or Veva Play Hot 50 Chart. Songs Like The Box By Roddy Ricch , Laugh Now Cry Later By Lil Durk and Drake and Call Me By Your Name By Lil Nas X has Reach the Charts. There are a Few More song that may ring a bell to you Blinding Lights By The Weeknd This Song gained a total of 49.3 Votes according to Veva Play Hot 50 .

List of №1 Songs On Veva Play Hot 50

  1. The Box By Roddy Ricch
  2. Laugh Now Cry Later by Drake and Lil Durk
  3. Blinding Lights by Weeknd
  4. Call Me By Your Name by Lil Nas X

Jay9mm Breakfast club Power 105.1.png


Business Connections

Jay9mm stopped by Power 105‘s The Breakfast Club this morning to promote his Single Drop That Azz. The conversation ranged from his creativity of how he mastered the art of making trap style music over down south dirty instrumentals. He hold business connection with celebrities like angela Yee , Charlamagne tha God and Dj Envy.

Find The List of Record Charts in music such as Veva Play, Itunes, Hot 100 and Official Charts.

Rolling Stone Chart.png

Why Did Blazer Barboza Upgrade His Image like Daft Punk ?

Blazer Barboza Recently Upgraded his Image. A post was seen on Instagram were he Uploaded a Image of Himself with a Black Blazer and Astronaut Helmet covering his face. If You are curious about Blazer Barboza and his new look, there are a few images below to help you get a better feel.

Blazer Barboza is a American Rapper, A&r, Digital Marketing Manager and Pop Singer. A few fans that are lovers of Daft Punk Became curious towards Blazer Barboza new look. His Single titled Let’s Get Down to Business will be released soon. …

Rapper Base is a new programmed search engine rappers use for 2021

Rapper Base (Googlecom) Logo .png


Rapper Base known as (Googlerbcom) is a Search Engine that pulls information for Google, Bing and Yahoo. The search engine receives approximately more than 30 trillion unique URLs on the Web, crawls 20 billion sites a day, and processes 100 billion searches every month. Rapper Base is compatible with sites like Google Trends and Google Search Console.

Title: Rapper Base ( Googlerbcom)

Number of Searches: Over 1 Billion

Sub description: Search Engine

Head Quarters: New York

Area Served: United States

Website: https://www.googlerb.com/

Compatible Search Engines: Google , Bing , Yahoo


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Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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