“Alexander Peter Santiago” Artist on the rise.

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Early life

Alexander Peter Santiago is a Barbadian American R&B Singer, Rapper, Songwriter & Actor, born May 15th of 1996 in Newark Delaware and raised in Middletown Delaware.

Alexander was culturally and ethnically inspired by Caribbean, Pop & R&B influencers (Prince, Beyoncé, Brittany Spears, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan, Mariah Carey, Bob Marley)

Alexander began performing at the age of 6 in various local and regional concerts along with numerous other high profile performances,

At the age of 13 He started singing Competitively in Talent Contest & Local Events while participating in School Musicals. By age 17 Alexander was professionally choreographing And performing for Weddings, parties and social gatherings around the Delaware State & Rehoboth Beach.

After graduating high school He began pursuing a professional modeling and music career where In 2017 Alexander signed on with Omega Studios to begin his work on the upcoming Album.

Similar Artist

“The Alexander Effect” working with known Artist, Endorser & Record Producer, Blazer Barbaoza. Alexander’s fan base has been established through Snap Chat, Instagram & Twitter.

Blazer Barboza

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Written by

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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