Artille — “Highs & Lows” (Album)

Music Artist : Artille

Genre: Hip-Hop

Associate acts: Blazer Barboza

Home Town: Tampa Bay

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Rising Tampa Bay, FL based underground Hip Hop artist Artille releases his second album titled “Highs & Lows“. The concept of the album is to showcase his battle with addiction by discussing the good and bad times he experienced. The instrumentals range from joyful to dark to help depict the ups and downs of substance abuse.

Sharing his pain through the music, Tampa Bay based rapper Artille achieved awareness discussing his vices on his latest project, Highs & Lows. Artille campaign the project’s lead single, titled, “I Just Wanna Be Sober”. Seeking redemption, the new artist preaches forgiveness.

“I Just Wanna Be Sober” is a calm song and dance number with positive vibes, rejoiceful confidence and humble motives. Artille indulges in his past mistakes and struggles with addiction. Easy to relate, the new artist follows a hit-making blueprint used by the stars to propel himself to worldwide recognition.

Stream “I Just Wanna Be Sober” by Artille below on Spotify.

Cliche songwriting, Artille plays it safe with tongue-and-cheek blends of familiar keywords and radio-friendly structure. Comfortable, Artille should have displayed his identity and executed big risk for even bigger rewards. His parlor tricks reflect a gimmick, simply adding an ingredient of personality and Artille’s lyricism would be adored for its originality.

The song’s production is satisfactory but complacent due to the poor clarity. Exhibiting traits of whining, for some, the song will come off as desperate with the production’s novice construction. Lacking depth, the production’s use of radio-friendly bass is clickbait delivery.

In the end, the “I Just Wanna Be Sober” is a far cry from being completed; however, it’s promising effort is valianat and respected. Artille tells a carbon copy story of love but glimpses of his star power surfaces throughout the track and leaves fans wanting to discover more before they make their final decision.

Written by

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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