Artille Releases his latest music video to positive reviews covering drug addiction and more.

Tampa Bay, FL based underground Hip Hop artist Artille releases his new music video titled “I Just Wanna Be Sober“, showcasing his addiction to cocaine and how it negatively affected his relationship and life. This song appears as the intro on his second independent album, Highs & Lows, which is available on all streaming platforms!

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Interview Highlight Questions

Let me ask you Artille, how long have you been a Hip Hop artist?

About 15 years. I’ve been writing raps since 2005, but started recording in 2010. I dropped my first mixtape in 2015 and my first independent album, Dank Thoughts, in 2016.

What specific area are you from?

I currently live in Pinellas Park, Florida, which is part of the Tampa Bay area. I was born and raised here.

Also, how did you get your emcee name?

My name is Ronald Jean Artille

We notice your style is super original and more on the modern boombap/trap twist! Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

I think my music is different from other artists because I offer a mix of hard bars and melodic flows without autotune.

Bro, your new album “Highs & Lows” is absolute FIRE!!! Please breakdown the creative process behind this album.

Thank you! I put a lot of time, pain, and tears into the album. I wrote and recorded this album in November 2018, during the worst of my cocaine addiction. I was very depressed at the time. The album took me about a month to write and was mostly recorded in one session at my house. The mixing process was delayed for months due to my bad habits, unstable living situation, and failing relationship. I wasn’t able to break the negative cycle until I lost my job and my fiancée left me. This allowed me to put my full focus on my music career. I finished mixing the album in September. The concept behind Highs & Lows is to showcase my battle with addiction by discussing the good and bad times I experienced. The instrumentals range from joyful to dark to help depict the ups and downs of substance abuse.

If you were not a rapper, what career path would you have taken?

I have an A.S. degree in Information Technology. My last job was at a dental marketing agency as a system administrator.

Do you remember the day/time when you realized you wanted to become an Hip Hop artist? Was there and special person in your life that influenced you to become an Hip Hop artist?

I don’t remember the specific day or time, but when I started in 8th grade I was writing songs similar to Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins. Nobody in my life influenced me to rap, I pretty much picked it up on my own. My biggest influence and favorite artist of all time is Lil Wayne. He inspires me to work hard and push myself lyrically while still being catchy.

How is social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

I just recently started marketing my music on social media. I’m putting most of my focus on Instagram at the moment. In the last two months I gained over 1,000 followers which is my first real fan base other than my local friends. My local audience and many IG supporters have supported my movement by sharing my posts and playing my music for others. I also have quite a few people in my corner encouraging me to continue taking my music career serious because they see the potential.

Your TOP 5 in Hip Hop….Dead or Alive?

This is a tough one and is likely to switch as time goes on, but for now here is my top 5:

1. Lil Wayne

2. Drake

3. J. Cole

4. Eminem

5. The Notorious B.I.G.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

To me, underground hip hop is any hip-hop music that isn’t known by the masses. Non-mainstream.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

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Preview YouTube video Artille — I Just Wanna Be Sober (Official Music Video)

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Artille — I Just Wanna Be Sober (Official Music Video)

Artille Album Reviews

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After listening about his remarkable story on drug abuse, depression and the ups and downs of life, Artille is clearly is album mode in 2019 and spilling his guts on his latest album release titled “Highs & Lows”. This album has to be, in my book, one of the most influential and vivid Hip Hop albums of its kind, from beginning to end, this album will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, trials and tribulations on a life of drugs and substance abuse! Let’s be honest, we all can relate when it comes to substance abuse, or we know somebody close to our lives who have this issue, this project gives us a whole new perspective on the struggle! Best of all, this story is told with some of the freshest lyrics and beats you can come across, Artille is extremely talented and is clearly kicking up some dust in Tampa Bay, FL where he is from!

The album starts with a powerful uplifting track titled “I Just Wanna Be Sober” being 100% honest with himself and confessing that the struggle of addiction is real, followed up by a darker track #2 “Mutha Fuck” vividly breaking down the emotion on the “I Dont Give A Fuck” mentality. Quite possibly one of the most powerful songs on this album has to be “Before I Die”, about looking forward on getting cleaned up before the last breath and it gets motivational over an impassioned instrumental. The track “One Too Many” talks about his luscious appetite for drugs, boos and all of the above over a heavy trap boom bap beat. The only downside that I find, he hasn’t found his true identity as an emcee, in my humble opinion. I recommend he continues to concentrate on his unique style and cadence, but the talent and hunger is there, and I’m positive he will be pushing out better and better music in 2020!

Right here is the album that Artille truly needed for his catalog, easily his most mature body of work yet in my opinion. He really details everything that’s been going on in his life throughout the past years & what little features are present add a lot to the context of the album. Grown man rap at it’s finest. The album acts as a true reminder, addiction and depression is real, and it takes a strong person like Artille to tell his story and to potentially influence a fan out there going through addiction to change his ways for the good! Follow Artille on Instagram @Artille.

RATING: 7/10

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The Notorious B.I.G

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Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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