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Cassius Ellison, professionally known as Blazer Barboza is an american rapper, songwriter, singer. In 2018 Ellison released his first hip-hop mixtape called ‘’Energy’’. A month after Ellison released his mixtape he connected with american rapper Future.

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Future Quoted Blazer Barboza as freashman 2018 of the Music Industry

Ellison was the first american rapper to create a funk/disco album with the feel of Micheal Jackson to it. This album was also released early 2018 called ‘’Prince Of Pop’’. After Ellison released the album he received positive reviews earning recognition from The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Ellison passion for music began at the age of 19. He is the younger brother of three siblings. Cassius Ellison was born in Augusta Ga. Ellison relocated to Atlanta Ga to pursue his music career. After his elevation with his endeavours he became a public figure over social media gaining 140k followers on the Instagram platform. He was spoken about by Wendy Williams were she spoke on a previous relationship with his old girlfriend and his music.

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Wendy Williams speaks on Blazer Barboza Success and x Girl Friend.

Blazer Barboza receive his stage name from his street name ‘’Boza’’. After he elevated mentally he named his self Blazer Barboza. There was an interview seen on YouTube he broke down the concept of his stage name. Ellison believe ‘’Blazer’’ represents his clever side and ‘’Barboza’’ is his mental side.

Blazer Barboza reached a net-worth of 350k from digital streams and downloads from the digital platforms. He is also known as a A&R, and videographer in the music industry. Ellison life before music was revolved around filming and video editing. He has credits for filming american rapper Boosie Badazz.

When Blazer Barboza relocated to Atlanta Ga, he join hands with Producer Maxpayne Shawty who’s responsible for producing his ‘’Prince Of Pop’’ album. Ellison and Maxpayne Shawty share relative family bonds of being first cousins.

Ellison originated from a family of music, he has family members that are singers in the church. His motivational drive comes from his brother’s, son and grandmother who is deceased. after getting over his grandmothers death he had his first son were he became a father of one. Ellison favorite quote is ‘’your mind is a mirror image of you when it change you change’’

Blazer Barboza connected with Dj Envy of the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 in 2018. Envy compare Blazer Barboza to Andre 3000 from outcast. Ellison is currently signed to a major label called ‘’FBG’’. He is still present in the music industry. (rapper)

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Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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