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Blazer Barboza early life and more.

In 2019. Cassius Ellison. a independent A&r, digital marketing manager/ American rapper /singer. Professionally known as Blazer Barboza is similar to the top three major labels, Warner music group, Sony Music, and Atlantic records. with 5 years of experience. Ellison has lead himself to rappers like Boosie Badazz of Louisiana , Rocko , Dj envy, Angela yee , and Donald Glover Warner Music Group and Sony has connected with some of the previous stars mentioned above.Digital marketing plays a huge role in the response a artist may receive for his or her career.

The top three major record labels

Record labels connects hands on with some of the bests experience talent in the field of marketing for a better growth rate in the company. A digital marketing Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote the company and its products or services. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring customers leads.

Who Has Blazer Barboza Worked With ?

Boosie Badazz

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Blazer Barboza Associated acts: Future, Boosie Badazz,

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