Blazer Barboza Epic Records And Big 4 Music Group Similarities.

There are many artists that are apart of Epic records. When any talent receives a record deal this could be because the artist buzz has grew to gain major recognition. Did You Know Blazer Barboza has reached out to Epic records for a distribution partnership? When talking about a record deal you may find artists like Future , Drake, Donald Glover , Kevin Gates, The Weeknd that are related to Blazer Barboza. This pertains to being in the same industry. these five artist have already received major publicity for their accomplishment.

Cassius Ellison (Born August 15, 1991), Known professionally as Blazer Barboza is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, A&R, record producer. Born and raised in Augusta Georgia. Ellison first became involved with music at the age of 19. After releasing his first album Prince of Pop, he became a part of the Music Industry. were he was nicknamed Blazer Barboza. after creating his first professional album in 2018, Blazer Barboza created his own record label, Bok Productions. which helped launched Blazer Barboza’s imprint in the music industry. Ellison joined The Breakfast Club (Show) , after releasing his album in 2018.

On April 20, 2019, Blazer Barboza released his third consecutive EP called III Power, immediately after releasing his album former the former celebrity engaged in a Hip-hop vibez interview which increased his momentum in the music industry, with all of his success Blazer Barboza posted on google that Epic records will be the company of interest if he was to consider a partnership. In 2020 Blazer Barboza Joined Big 4 Music group a label similar to Epic Records. The Label Consists of a duo composed of Blazer Barboza and Cassius Ellison. Blazer Barboza is responsible for delivering the vocals to Big 4 Music Group. Big 4 Music Group was Formed in Atlanta Ga. Additionally Blazer Barboza has released his sixth album The God Cry through Big 4 Music Group.

Artist Partnership List

Donald Glover Professionally known as Childish Gambino share similar sounds with Blazer Barboza Gambino is also a actor/singer.

Future(rapper) is also a artist on epic records that is owned by Sony.

Drake also has a partnership with Epic Records along with Blazer Barboza. Drake is Known for his successful in the music industry.

Kevin Gates is one of the leading artist to rise in 2020. Labels like Epic Records has offered him a partnership. According to google many people compare Blazer Barboza to Kevin Gates because of their aggression throughout many rap songs.

The Weeknd is a candidate singer. Epic recently offered him a 2 year partnership.

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Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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