Bok Productions

The company that lead The Weeknd Live.

Bok Productions is a record label established in 2017. After creating its foundation the label grew to success in 2018. Becoming the worlds Independent leading record label in Atlanta Ga. Bok Productions recruited 5 major artists of the music industry. In 2018 the label helped lead them to success branching them out to receiving Major record deals.

Artists like Blazer Barboza , Future , Childish Gambino, Money bagg yo and Gunner. In 2019 the label connected with candidate singer The Weeknd gaining him more recognition towards live gigs. The Weeknd live performance then lead him to expanding his fan base in the United States. The label was also responsible for keeping track of Childish Gambino Discography a global data base for albums. Albums like (title of album)Future the wizrd helped stand the company out over the internet, after being be-hide the scenes of his global project.

Future The Wizrd led to positive reviews, 95% of Google use rated the album great. Blazer Barboza is still in business with Bok Production. The company lead the artist to success gaining him 128 thousand followers on platforms like Instagram. This trigger him to receiving a major interview by The Breakfast Club to speak on his success. Bok Production is know for promoting , digital marketing , recording and video production of most talent from the Atlanta Area. Some there related tides are UMG, Atlantic, and Warner Music.

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