Griz Gusto Sets His EP For Releases on February 5th

Griz Gusto is set to drop Shower Sex


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Shower sex is the first of the “Sextape” series. This series is revolved around a lustful relationship between him and woman of his dreams. the project covers passionate, intense and love-filled sexcapade over pop/R&B type beats. Ivette (interlude) brings a trap r&b vibe with melodic tones that really keep the listener engaged. Round 2, brings that pop and bounce with 808’s that really knock and will be a club smash.

  1. ) Mi Amor
    the song covers a wonderful blend of melodic rap over a smooth yet jumpy beat that’ll have the masses vibe. mix with a little touch of Spanish on the hook to gain the attention of his Latino fan base, Griz really showed his potential. His ability be to versatile from rapping to singing shines on Mi Amor and this could easily be a fan favorite.

2.) Round 2
Gives this tape the spice it needs. Griz’s storytelling on this one allows the listener to envision the picture he’s painting. His confidence lives in his voice with his commanding presence and with a beat like that, there's no way you can sit still!

3.) Ivette Interlude
Griz takes the time to profess his love to the woman of his dreams. This song brings the trap r&b that has become so popular. From the 808’s to the melody, Griz doesn’t disappoint with this one. He ends this song spelling out the word Soulmate as the last testament of how he truly feels.

4.) Scream My Name
Is a wonderful way to close out this EP. The shower turning on in the background to start the song is a great touch.
The song is so smooth and well put together that it’s so easy to put this on repeat. Griz does his storytelling on this as well. From the hook to the way he raps his verses is well done. This tape comes off as a project for the females but any man with a good taste in music will definitely appreciate this as well!

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Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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