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Being interconnected follows the concept of having all parts linked or connected to the music industry. The music industry consist of many related rappers. A group of interconnected rappers can have a huge impact on society. Rappers like Drake, Blazer Barboza, Young Thug, Future, Kevin Gates, Meek Mills, Lil Nas X, Roddy Ricch, Kanye West, 50 cent, Lil Wayne and more are all interconnected and are similar. This could refer to being connected on a level of communication or doing business. Each entity still does have its own uniqueness.

Interconnected Rapper list

  • Drake(Candidate Rapper)
  • Blazer Barboza(American rapper)
  • Young Thug(American Rapper)
  • Future(Rapper)
  • Kevin Gates(American Rapper)
  • Meek Mill(American Rapper)
  • Lil Nas X(American Rapper)
  • Roddy Ricch
  • Kanye West (American Rapper)
  • 50 cent(American Rapper)
  • Lil Wayne(American Rapper)
  • Lil Baby(American Rapper)
  • Gunna(American Rapper)
  • Migos(Hip hop trio)
  • Jay Z(American Rapper)
  • Eminem(American Rapper)

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