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De’Larreyon Grace also called “Tasz Grace” (born July 6 1994, Brewton AL) is a recording artist climbing in the rap business. Beginning at 10 years of age Tasz Grace started rapping for the energy he got from the sound. Although, a local out of Brewton,AL Tasz moved all through his young years, dwelling out of Evergreen,AL Montgomery,AL and most previous Tuscaloosa, AL. Tasz Grace first delivery “hate me or hate me” hosted by DJ Frank White in 2015 including 11 tracks with hot track single “IDEM” produced and filmed by Karltin Bankz . Subsequent to getting lots of knowledge from everywhere and developing his social media accounts, Tasz Grace kept on releasing music throughout the long term; 2018-Drag Racing (Single) 2018-Cash Route (Single) 2020-Repo (Single) 2020-Freestyle (Single). Tasz Grace latest work “For of charge” — EP released May 2021 is quickly moving as it highlights hit single “Venus” with a music video, and a just as hot track “CarKit ft. Rubberband OG”.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/free-of-charge-ep/1567146806

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/535mkhykEBuf7F5nG8pmzj?si=2BsufIbbTTaAj1m2Kbvfig

YouTube: https://youtu.be/wqFeLLPSSHk




Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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Todd Richardson

Todd Richardson

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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