Top 3 Rappers of this Generation

Best rappers of this Generation by Lyrics

There are a select few rappers of this generation who a lot of fans cling to. this can be because of their Unique style of music or because of their business and work ethic. Best rappers of this Generation like Kendrick Lamar , J.cole and Blazer Barboza are educated rappers and have the ability to switch genres of music in a heartbeat. Blazer Barboza is known for his word play so is Kendrick Lamar and J.cole the rappers of this Generation has made a impact on this generation by turning the style of music to what is classified as switch up new wave rap.

Generational Rappers That Made History

J. Cole/Best rapper of this Generation.png
Blazer Barboza/Best rapper of this Generation.png
Kendrick Lamar/Best rapper of this Generation.png

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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