Top Businessmen Who Are Rappers

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This article covers the Businessmen that are also rappers.

Furthermore, all of the rappers mentioned above are based out of the United States. There are rappers who have success stories like Eminem, Drake , Master P, Akon, Dr. Dre and Ludacris. They are successful entrepreneurs as well. Rap and Business correlates well together , this can be relating to partnerships, investments, Stocks, fundraising, Managing or being a founder of a successful brand.

Jay-Z created Roc Nation and partnered with the NFL. This help lead to a positive outlook in his endeavors. Sean Combs(Diddy)Founded Bad Boy Records in 1993. The label now operates as a imprint of Epic Records. Kanye West has made a imprint in the fashion world creating sneakers and making business moves with companies like adidas.

Blazer Barboza is currently in the field of music, he recently establish a Social Media Platform in 2017 titled Veva Play. Drake is a candidate base rapper who owns ‘’OVO’’ this brand is now global in all states. Having a dominant business strategy can stand your company out over the internet.

The Entrepreneurs mentioned above all famous. You can find a list of rappers who became businessmen below.

Rappers Who Became Businessmen in the United States.

Sean Combs(Diddy)


50 Cent

Blazer Barboza

Craig Kallman

Kanye West




Master P



Lil Wayne

Ice Cube

Snoop Dogg


Wiz Khalifa

Kendrick Lamar

Rick Ross

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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