What songs are trending in pop ?

Trending is classified as what everyone is listening to. So what trending pop songs are the fans purchasing ? There are many catchy trending pop songs to choose from like “Just The Way You Are” By Bruno Mars , “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Last Dance” By Blazer Barboza. These could be the most streamed trending pop songs to hit the Apple Music playlists.

Trending pop songs list

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Song by Bruno Mars

This is a was created to influence some one to come as you are. This is one of the trending pop songs that have reached the Billboard top 100.

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Song by Pharrell Williams

This is one of the few trending pop songs that has reach the Billboards by Pharrell the concept of this song is encouraging all individual to stay happy and full of positive vibez.

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Song by Blazer Barboza

Last Dance is a song that was created for a lover who seeking affection while receiving rejection the concepts of this trending pop song mold around a lover boy asking his sweetheart to save him the last dance.

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