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Read about rappers like 50 Cent , Jay Z , Blazer Barboza and More…

Becoming a successful Business rappers in the field of music can be a lot of work. Rappers like Jay Z, Sean Combs, Meek Mill, Blazer Barboza, 50 Cent as well as Eminem and Nas are all from the United States. We will cover more rappers in the list below.

If you are curious as to how these united states business rappers became successful, I will explain. Rapper Jay Z Partnered with the NFL and is now managing many Sports players in the league. Sean Combs is well connected in the field of music and is known for his vocals and managing business deals for signed artists.

Celebrities like 50 Cent established his own drink called Vitamin Water. Blazer Barboza is the founder of a social media platform titled Veva Play. He’s also known for connecting with many rappers like Roddy Rich, Kevin Gates, Meek Mill as well as Jay Z.

Chamillionaire became a investor and partnered with 50 cent investing in Vitamin Water. A Few more entrepreneurs you may know of is Kanye West , Fat Joe, T.I , Akon , and Chris Brown. Kanye West has lead the business world in fashion building successful clothing brands, this lead him towards working with Adidas. In Conclusion You Will find the list of United States Business Rappers Below.

United States Business Rappers List

Jay Z


Sean Combs


Blazer Barboza

50 Cent

Chris Brown

Meek Mill

Kanye West

Fat Joe





Master P


Wiz Khalifa

Lil Wayne



Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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