Versatile rappers

What is the meaning of Versatile?

Versatile is being able to adapt by many functions or abilities. Did you know the act of being versatile can be done in many categories even music? There are a few versatile rappers in the music industry. This consists of there work ethic , vocal switch up and their ability to multi task in complex situations. So who are the versatile rappers of 2020 ? Blogger are writing about Drake , Childish Gambino , Blazer Barboza , Hopsin , Dax and Kevin Gates. The six major rappers listed above all have reach a successful peak though out the music industry. This could be because of their hit records or the huge following they share over social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Being Versatile says a lot about your character and focus points. These rappers are classified as the diamonds to come out of the dirt. Establishing a versatile work ethic takes skill and practice. This could come from hours and days of perfecting your craft. Take a look at the versatile rapper list below.

Versatile rappers list

  1. Drake

Todd Richardson is a Journalist based out of Atlanta Ga.

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