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In 2019. Veva play rolled out a type of social media platform. That targets music artists celebrities and more. Veva play is Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube as well as Pinterest. Veva Play platform is known for its microblogging, photo and video sharing. This was established so different users can share there new ideas with the world.

Vevaplay Before social media platform

Before Veva Play became a social media platform its primary role was just ordinary video blogging and Digital marketing. Additionally , Veva play does still offers digital marketing services. Veva play was founded in 2017 by Cassius Ellison professionally known as Blazer Barboza. Veva play has generated a huge fanbase from around the globe. The website total views peaks out at about 3M.

Can a Social Media platform have many types

Yes! because Veva Play has many different types as i mentioned above. Veva play easily helps users gain more exposer. User will have access to post many blogs on there profile walls. The platform also allows user to be able to share there creativity throughout the platform.

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