Who Discovered Roddy Ricch

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Roddy Ricch Discovered

Many Rappers become famous and it becomes a mystery to see who’s the person to discover the talent. Roddy Ricch began recording at the age of 16. His roots is from Louisiana. So who discovered Roddy Ricch ? he was first approached by Cassius Ellison Professionally known as Blazer Barboza.

Who is Blazer Barboza ?

This background person is a A&r and Digital manager and songwriter according to google and other search engines. He is also skilled in the field of music. Additionally, Roddy Ricch is signed to Atlantic records. What is the Big three? They are Record Labels like Atlantic Records , Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

Roddy Ricch created a hit song titled The Box. This record became a competition to Blinding lights a song by The Weeknd. Both records were trending on the charts. Blazer Barboza have been scouting talent for since 2017. There are a bulk of professionals involved in Roddy Ricch career path such as, Camera men, managers, Executives, Road Managers and finally, PR agents. Blazer Barboza is not his manager but simply the person responsible for approaching the talent.

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Blazer Barboza


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